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Halotherapy Made Easy

outubro 08, 2018

Halotherapy Made Easy


It's never been easier to add Halotherapy to your menu!

TouchAmerica offers many options that can get you into Halotherapy easier and quicker than you think. Take a look at the choices below and learn how easy it can be to offer this wonderful therapy to your clients!


Option 1: Custom Built-in Salt Capsule

Any underused area of your spa can be transformed into a Halotherapy treatment area with TouchAmerica's Salt Capsule. Use the versatility of the capsule and customize it to echo your spa's decor affordably -  and lucratively, with the added service you can offer as part of your menu.



A custom installation creates an inviting, beautiful and revenue-producing Halotherapy treatment area.


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Option 2: FX Mini Halogenerator + Flex-Block  Salt Lounger

The FX Mini - A portable halogenerator turns any area of your spa into a Halotherapy center, and provides personalized and concentrated salt therapy for a client while they relax on a treatment table or lounger.

Add a Flex-Block Salt Lounger, and you have the positive effects of Halotherapy as an inhalant from the halogenerator, as well as through skin absorption while laying on a flexible, comfortable surface of heated Himalayan pink salt.




TouchAmerica's Flex-Block Lounger.  Please call for information on the FX Mini.


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Treatment 3: Custom Salt Frames and Panels

TouchAmerica can provide easy-to-install alternatives to large installations.

Custom Salt Frames: We will construct a frame to your size requirements to house your choice of pink or white Himalayan salt blocks, enabling you to add a salt element to any area of your spa.

Salt Panels: Another customizable way to install salt walls using lightweight salt-covered panels within a grid backing that allows for beautiful backlighting, in both fine and coarse texture, in white and pink salts.


We will make your salt frame as big or small as you need!


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