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Shiatsu VS. Ashiatsu

novembro 16, 2023

Shiatsu VS. Ashiatsu

Massage therapies are gaining popularity because they help relieve body pain and remove muscle tension. Two primary massage therapies are becoming very famous among people. And they are using these therapies to improve their mental and physical health. That is shiatsu and ashiatsu massage. Both of these massage therapies have originated in Japan. To pick the perfect massage therapy, massage lovers want to know the differences between shiatsu vs. Ashiatsu massage. 

Unveiling The Differences Between Shiatsu VS. Ashiatsu Massage

To know the main differences between shiatsu and Ashiatsu massage, you should first understand them properly. 

What Is Shiatsu Massage?

In a shiatsu massage. The massage therapist uses his fingers to put pressure on the specific body parts of the client. He will press, knead, soothe, and tap on the body parts to remove all the tension, stress, body pain, etc. Knowing that the massage therapist can also use pressure from his elbows, knees, and feet is crucial. When necessary during massage therapy. This therapy is performed with the clients being fully clothed. 

People who are shy but want to enjoy relaxing massage therapy can take this therapy. To get rid of stubborn body pain. With the help of this massage, the client’s blood circulation system improves. So, the body is prepared to provide better oxygen levels, and the toxins are removed from the body. In Chinese tradition, they believe life's energy and balance depend on “QI”, also known as “CHI”. Which is improved with the help of the shiatsu massage. 

What is Ashiatsu Massage?

On the other hand, talking about the Ashiatsu massage. In which the massage therapist uses the pressure of his feet to provide massage therapy to the clients. A standing bar is attached to the ceiling over the client’s body in the massage room. The therapist holds this standing bar to stabilize himself and uses different massage techniques. To eliminate all the stress and pain from the client’s body. 

3 Main Differences

Before getting massage therapy, you should know the main differences between these therapies. Massage therapists should know about the foam padding details. 

Pressure Intensity

The first main difference is that both massage therapies require different pressure intensities. In shiatsu, the massage therapist uses his fingers, knees, and palms. To put pressure on the specific body parts of the client. On the other hand, Ashiatsu massage requires the massage therapist to use his feet and apply pressure of different levels. According to the client’s preferences, ensure that it does not hurt him.

Clothing Requirements

The second difference is that the shiatsu massage can be done without removing the client's clothes. But in Ashiatsu massage, the client has to remove his clothes and lie on the massage table. And he is covered with a blanket or towel to ensure the client does not feel uncomfortable. 

Type Of Techniques

The third difference is that the massage therapist does shiatsu massage with the help of a balanced massage technique. The Ashiatsu massage is done by putting lengthy and intense pressure on different body parts of the client. 

Final Thoughts

To summarise, shiatsu vs. Ashiatsu are both fantastic massage therapies. However, knowing their differences and how you can feel during these therapies is crucial. The clothing requirements and pressure intensity are essential to discuss with your therapist. And ensure which therapy is suitable for removing stress and tension.

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