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TheraSound Vibrational Healing


TouchAmerica’s Breath Pedi Lounge pushes the boundary of relaxation and healing with the addition of TheraSound Solution’s Acoustic Resonance Technology. (A.R.T.). This powerful technology coupled with the amazing comfort and flexibility of the Breath Pedi Lounge creates an experience that is truly uplifting. It has been long recognized that resting in a Zero Gravity position has regenerative health benefits. Coupled with the proven wellness benefits of music, vibro-acoustics and bio-resonance therapy, time in the Breath Pedi Lounge becomes an experience you will remember.   

Key Benefits

  • Integrative body/mind relaxation
  • Faster release of chronic muscular tension, stress, pain.
  • Increased circulation; balancing heart rate & blood pressure.
  • Sensory integration; enhanced sense of inner coherence & balance.
  • Comprehensive body/mind awareness
  • Enhanced postural alignment awareness
  • Invigorating, energizing and truly uplifting!


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