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Choosing the Right Portable Massage Table: Factors to Consider

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Choosing the Right Portable Massage Table: Factors to Consider

In therapeutic massage, a client comes to the spa to remove all his personal and professional worries. So that all of his physical pain, and mental tensions can fade away. Using the right type of products can do the job. But to save the client from any sort of back pain or discomfort. The use of a portable massage table is necessary. Choosing the right portable massage table: factors to consider are the main thing that you shouldn’t avoid. 


Facts to Point on when Looking for a Portable Massage Table

Following are the 7 important factors in choosing the right type of portable massage table for your spa.

  • Height, Weight, Width:

  • Choosing the right portable massage table: factors to consider involve selecting the right height, weight, and width of the table. Because there are clients with different types of heights and weights. To ensure they don’t face any problems and are comfortable on the massage table. The same rule applies to the width of the table too.  

  • Wood Or Aluminium:

  • The second factor is that there are mainly two types of frames used for the massage table. Wood and aluminum. Both are good materials. But if you’re planning to use this massage table for a long time. Then selecting the aluminium material is preferable. In this way, you don’t have to change the frame material of your massage table again and again. 

  • Density Of Foam:

  • The third factor is that you must check the density of foam on the massaging table before purchasing it. Because if it is not properly covered with the foam. It can prove uncomfortable for your clients. To avoid this, select the massaging table which gives you the density of foam in all areas on the table. 

  • Good Quality Upholstery:

  • The fourth factor is that you must check out the condition of the upholstery on the massaging table. Because if it is not properly stuffed, it can make your client annoyed. Also, good quality upholstery is beneficial for using the massaging table for a very long time.

  • Security Features:

  • The fifth factor includes the presence of different security features. Your portable massaging table must feature a proper locking system for the client's safety. It should also provide features that allow clients to easily shift from one position to another. 

    And extend their hands in a comfortable position. When clients see that you’re prioritizing their comfort, they trust you and feel satisfied with your services. In this way, they can also suggest others to take your services.


    • Easy To Assemble:

    The sixth factor involves that you must choose a portable massaging table that is easy to organize. If you’re planning to move to a new place then it's easy to disorganize too. In this way, you don’t have to get into extra hassle and can do such time-consuming tasks quickly. The weight of the portable massaging table should be lighter. So you can easily shift it from one place to another. 

  • Budget Limitations:

  • The seventh factor is that you must check your budget limitations before selecting any portable massaging table. In this way, you can fix a specific target for yourself so that you cannot exceed a certain limit. You must buy portable massage tables & chairs from different brands that have a good reputation. And they’re offering a guarantee for long-term use.  


    Choosing the right portable massage table: factors to consider are the main seven. When you follow all of these factors, you can find yourself as the owner of durable spa treatment equipment. You can find better and more affordable portable massaging tables from a reliable brand like Touch America.

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