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What Is A Vichy Shower Treatment? - Pure Relaxation Awaits You!

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What Is A Vichy Shower Treatment? - Pure Relaxation Awaits You!

Different spa therapies help a person feel comfortable and relaxed. One important spa therapy that is becoming very popular is the Vichy shower treatment. The use of water, massage, and essential oils makes this therapy an incredible choice. For people who want a comfy yet luxurious spa therapy. But knowing the details of what is a Vichy shower treatment can help you understand this therapy better. 

What Is A Vichy Shower Treatment?:

The name of Vichy shower treatment has been derived from a famous town in France. Where the use of natural mineral springs inspired the design of Vichy showers. This therapy is also known as affusion therapy. Different well-known spa and wellness centres offer Vichy shower treatments. The use of multiple showers makes this therapy more interesting, inspiring, and helpful for the removal of stress. 

5 Important Things About Vichy Shower Treatment:

It is important to know what you will get from this therapy and how it works. Below are some important things about Vichy's shower treatment.

Use Of Horizontal Shower Bars:

The first thing to know about this treatment is the use of horizontal shower bars. There is more than one showerhead on the top of a wet spa table or treatment table. The client can get treatment on some particular areas of the body where they want special attention and comfort. Clients also want to know about what is a Vichy shower massage. 

Hydrotherapy Treatment:

The second thing is Vichy treatment is not just limited to the use of horizontal shower bars. But it also includes the use of hydrotherapy in this treatment. The addition of warm water helps the client feel relaxed, and all his stressed thoughts can be washed away easily. 


The third thing is if your therapist is experienced and qualified, he can provide you with customised Vichy shower treatment. You can change the temperature level, direction, and pressure of the water on whichever body part you want easily. 

Sanitising And Scrubbing Skin:

The fourth thing is different spa and wellness centres offer Vichy shower treatments. Where the use of sanitising and scrubbing oils and body masks helps remove bacteria, infections, and bad toxins. From the body and improves the beauty of your skin from the inside out. You may feel comfortable, relaxed, and lighter due to the removal of all the impurities from your body. 

Essential Oil Therapy:

The fifth thing is the use of essential oil therapy and relaxing warm tables. Special herbs and scents are mixed well in the water to help you feel satisfied with your treatment. And the addition of heating the water element makes this treatment even more special. 


What is a Vichy shower treatment? It is the main question of clients when they apply for spa treatments. They want to relax their mind and body to get some space from the tiring daily routine. There are different Vichy shower benefits you can get when you take this treatment. 

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