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What Size Spa Table is Best?

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What Size Spa Table is Best?

Whether you’re a spa owner building a new spa or just changing the equipment of your spa. Spa tables are the best equipment you have. And you cannot continue your business without having a good-sized spa table. It is very important to know what size spa table is best. If your spa table is of irregular size. It can lead to different issues and your clients can feel discomfort during therapy. 

Discover What Size Spa Table Is Best

To discover what size spa table is best, you should consider some factors first. These factors can highly change your requirements regarding a spa table and you end up choosing the wrong spa table. To avoid this situation, the following are the main factors to consider while choosing a spa table.

Different Kinds Of Therapies

The first factor to consider is that in a spa, therapists provide different kinds of therapies and treatments. For each therapy, a different size of spa table is required. Some therapies are short while other therapies can take a long time. Due to this, having a big-sized spa table is necessary. On which, you can easily do various therapies without making your client uncomfortable. 

Affordability Level

The second yet most important factor is your affordability level. If you’ve not made up your mind about how much money you can easily spend on buying a spa table. Then you should reconsider it. Because if you try to choose a spa table without setting a budget limit first. You can just waste your money on the wrong or expensive spa table. On the other hand, if you set a limit you can easily afford a spa table of that particular price. Then you can save some extra money for purchasing other equipment related to your spa and wellness products

Room Size

The third factor is considering the size of your room before selecting any spa table for your spa. For small rooms, a normal-sized spa table is suitable that can fit in perfectly in your spa room. But if the room is large, then you should choose big-sized spa tables. That can create an incredible look in your room plus the therapist can move around freely during the treatments.  

Different Sizes Of Different Tables

The fourth factor in what size spa table is best involves there are different types of tables for different therapies. Like facial tables, massage tables, body waxing tables, body mask tables, etc. The height and width of all of these spa tables are different from each other. To know what is a good size of spa table? You should know that smaller spa tables are suitable for normal-height clients. 

However, it is essential to choose large-sized spa tables. So that people with lengthy heights and weights can adjust easily to the table. Because the main goal of the therapists is to make sure the clients are comfortable on the tables. And can easily relax their minds.

Future Planning

The fifth factor in what size spa table is best includes that future planning is very important. Because you can save the extra money you’ll going to spend on buying the expensive equipment again. If you want to enlarge your spa institute. Having good-sized spa tables can save the extra hassle of again buying the equipment. And you can easily enlarge the area of your institute without doing much work. 

Help From Fellow Spa Owners

The sixth factor is that you can also get help from your fellow spa owners. Or the people working with you. Because they have experience with such things. They can guide you and help you to find the best quality and size in the spa tables. 

Additional Features

The seventh factor includes there are some other important qualities besides the selection of the size of the spa table. You must make sure that the table you’re buying is flexible. And that you can easily level it to different positions while giving massages and treatments to the clients. It is important to have a spa table that you can easily transport or carry to different locations. 

If you have to give someone special treatment. You should also check the capacity of weight the spa tables can easily bear. And different types of features like armrests, face cradles, etc. Through these features, you can provide your client with a comfortable environment. 


To conclude what size spa table is best, then after considering all of the above-mentioned seven factors. Make sure to choose a reputable and affordable brand to buy different spa tables. In this way, the quality and durability of these tables are also protected. It is very important to have an adjustable spa table to change its positions and levels to different sizes.

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