Himalayan Salt Wall Kit



Enhance your spa guest's experience with a Himalayan salt wall. 


Featuring beautifully illuminated, hand-carved salt blocks, a Himalayan salt wall adds aesthetic value to your spa. Saltability and Touch America partner to provide the highest quality walls of 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt, considered the purest and most beneficial salt ever discovered on earth.
Generating Negative Ions to Enhance Health

In today’s uber-connected world, computers, smartphones, microwaves and other electronics constantly emit positive ions — also known as “electric smog” — that can leave us feeling drained and down. Excessive positive ions can also come from bacteria, mold and allergens. In comparison, the natural environment – such as nature’s magnificent forests, beaches, and waterfalls – creates abundant negative ions. Pure Himalayan salt (derived from the Primal Sea) is filled with negative ions. Gently heated, Himalayan salt serves as a natural ionizer, thanks to salt’s hygroscopic properties. When heated, the Himalayan salt crystals attract moisture on the salt block surface, and as that moisture evaporates, negative ions are emitted.

The negatively charged ions from the heated Himalayan salt serve to purify the circulating air, allowing our bodies also reap numerous health benefits, including stress reduction, energy increases, and mood boosts at a biochemical level.

  • Salt Wall Pink $70 sq ft 
  • Salt Wall White $80 sq ft  

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