Salt & Halotherapy - Salt Rooms, Salt Beds - Orlando, FL

The halotherapy experts at TouchAmerica are ideally qualified to assist our customers in Orlando and throughout Florida in furnishing a fabulous salt room or cave for your wellness center, spa, resort, holistic health care practice, fitness center, or home. In addition to our salt therapy expertise that ranges from construction services to salt products, TouchAmerica leverages our decades of experience in manufacturing spa equipment & accessories, and our extensive industry relationships to provide our clients with the customized facility they envision.

salt halotherapy salt room orlando

Look to TouchAmerica’s salt therapy manufacturing expertise to help you select the perfect salt beds, salt tables, salt chairs, salt booths, salt walls, panels & tiles for your room. We understand concepts like ergonomics, human engineering and kinesiology. We know how to create salt tables, salt chairs and other salt furnishings that are stylish, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use, accommodating each individual’s physical size and circumstances. Our full line of salt room accessories provides the perfect complement to your Orlando salt room.

TouchAmerica also works closely with our colleagues at Global Halotherapy Solutions, the industry leader in halogenerators and other salt therapy products.

 If you're looking to add a special touch to your resort, spa wellness center, or home with a salt room or salt cave in Orlando, Daytona Beach, Kissimmee, Sanford, or Saint Cloud, please take a look at our collection and contact the halotherapy specialists at TouchAmerica today at 1-800-678-6824. Or by email at so that we may discuss your specific requirements and talk further about the ways TouchAmerica may assist you with salt room furnishings and equipment.”