Deep Feet® Ashiatsu Bars


With Deep Feet® Ashiatsu Bars, you can take Ashiatsu anywhere! Deep Feet's aerodynamic “One of a Kind” portable bar system will draw attention in any environment. Assembled dimensions are 91″ tall, 83″ long, and 47″ wide. Weight: 81 lbs

This system is universal and can attach to any Touch America wooden portable massage table. Can be used as a permanent system in your practice or utilized for events where you can demonstrate Ashiatsu.

This fascinating design is ergonomically sound and sustainable. It is surprisingly versatile and strong. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, which provides just the right attributes for Ashiatsu.

The handrails you touch as “round bars” start out in flat sheets of wood and are then milled, molded and shaped into a perfect round diameter fit. There are multitudes of countersunk parts and layers of complex geometry that are milled into each piece. Over 40 parts are cut, molded, shaped and glued into the geometrics that go into just one set of these amazing portable bars.




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