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Our Green Commitment

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Our Green Commitment


Our Commitment

TouchAmerica understands deeply the interdependence of nature and wellness. Our mission is to create beautiful, efficient and innovative equipment to serve the spa community in bringing relaxation and improved health to as many as possible.


Sustainable Materials & Sources

We source our 100% pure Himalayan salt for salt environments and equipment from single-source suppliers in Pakistan. Our hydrotherapy/pedicure units are engineered to conserve water. We employ sustainable practices at our manufacturing facilities in North Carolina and in China, and we use sustainable materials like bamboo and rubberwood in the manufacture of many of our products.


We manufacture some of our massage tables out of rubberwood, which is sustainably harvested in Hainan, China. Not only is rubberwood an ideal hardwood for furniture manufacturing—known for its durability and resistance to warping and cracking—it is also renewable and has multiple uses. Plantations harvest the sap of the trees to produce latex. After 30 years, the trees are felled for use in furniture, with new ones planted in their place.


 The beautiful ATLAS BIOLOGICA is made from renewable bamboo.


The FLEX-BLOCK Salt Lounge is constructed of solid rubberwood with 100% pure Himalayan salt blocks on a flexible support that gives and moves with the body.


Environmental and Social Compliance Audits

TouchAmerica and our sister company, Touch International, have been audited for Environmental and Social Compliance by SGS. We have repeatedly passed with flying colors. (SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.)



Manufacturing with Low-VOC Paint

In 1995, TouchAmerica switched from using petroleum-based paint to very low-VOC, water-based paint. This green alternative is more expensive, more difficult to work with, and takes longer to dry, but is environmentally-friendly and we made that the priority. We were also one of the first furniture companies to use “greener” clear lacquers.


Recycling Programs in US & China

For more than two decades, TouchAmerica has implemented company-wide recycling programs for paper, cardboard and metal in our US and China manufacturing plants.


  • All cardboard is recycled.
  • Scrap metal is taken to a metal exchange and sold for recycling.
  • At Touch International in China, nearly all by-products are recycled and reused. Foam rubber scraps are shredded for use by others in pillows and cushions. Small fabric and wood scraps are donated. Metal scraps are recycled. Even sawdust is stored and collected for use on farms.



Energy Conservation

At TouchAmerica’s headquarters, we conserve energy by keeping the office cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. Thermostats are adjusted to lower or higher settings at night and on weekends. Lights are used only where needed.


Water Treatment System

Touch International installed a wastewater treatment system to “green” our painting process. The exhaust paint is trapped in water and then filtered to remove any solids that might pollute the surroundings. These solids are then collected by a company that specializes in the removal and proper disposal of toxic materials.


TouchAmerica continues to find new ways to respect, protect and sustain healthy, environmentally-friendly practices as manufacturers, business owners and individuals who care.



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