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Salt Concepts at ISPA 2018!

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Salt Concepts at ISPA 2018!

Two Top Halotherapy Experts Join Up for ISPA

Halotherapy is rapidly becoming a popular spa therapy, borrowed from ancient times to bring the long-known health benefits of salt back into widespread use. Saltability and TouchAmerica will partner up at this year's ISPA Expo to demonstrate just a few of the treatments involving salt and Halotherapy.

 Treatment 1: Himalayan Salt Stone Therapy

Experience a relaxing massage using warmed, hand-carved Himalayan pink salt massage stones from Saltability. In addition to the benefits of inhaling pure salt for respiratory ailments, a salt stone massage imparts healing minerals directly through the skin while relaxing the muscles and the spirit.


Saltability's beautiful hand-carved Himalayan salt massage stones

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Treatment 2: Himalayan Salt Loungers

Unwind on a comfortable, flexible lounger made with hand-carved Himalayan pink salt blocks while listening to soothing sounds or music. TouchAmerica's Flex-Block™ Salt Lounger gives you a literal foundation from which to breathe in healthful negative ionized air while enjoying mellow sounds - a total escape! Add a salt inhalant option with Global Halotherapy Solutions' Halo FX Mini for a complete Halotherapy treatment.


TouchAmerica's Flex-Block Lounger

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Treatment 3: Himalayan Salt Massage Table

Lay directly on warm granular Himalayan salt to receive a Himalayan salt stone massage while healing sounds deeply relax you. Immerse yourself in this ancient healing therapy.TouchAmerica's Ion Salt Table is sanitary, comfortable and beautiful. See and experience for yourself!


TouchAmerica's Ion Salt Table

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The spa industry's #1 source for Himalayan salt walls, sauna panels, and more!

Bringing together two top leaders in the spa industry, Himalayan Source is a proud partnership between Saltability and Touch America. Their collaboration brings innovation, creativity, and quality together with glowing results and wellness benefits for your clients. Products and custom salt concepts available via Himalayan Source, Saltability, and Touch America.


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Let us help you select the best products, fixtures, and set-up to bring the benefits of halotherapy to your spa and your clients.

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