Think Outside the Spa

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Think Outside the Spa

Nothing quite says luxury like a massage in a breezy cabana overlooking a turquoise ocean, but "outside" treatments don't always mean "in the great outdoors." Spa treatments are offered "outside the spa" in hotel rooms, relaxation rooms, bridal suites before the wedding, Pilates/yoga studios – even at trade shows. Versatile equipment is the key to successfully employing these kinds of treatment areas, especially when space is at a premium. The answer – camouflage!

The Masquerade

Hidden inside this lovely daybed is a luxury massage table, hence the name, The Masquerade. TouchAmerica won the ISPA 2017 Innovate Award for this convertible daybed-to-massage table, the design of which was a collaboration with New York architect, Robert Henry. Height-adjustable at the push of a button, the client nestles into an almost 4-inch thick luxury foam mattress. When the treatment is done, the technician lowers the table, re-attaches the backrest with an easy lock, and it's back in its perfect disguise. The Masquerade is available in 4 standard colors, and custom colors are available for order as well.

The Masquerade - Maximize your space and still look chic.

The Legato Lounger - Out of this world comfort.

Zero Gravity Without The Rocket

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be an astronaut floating around in a space capsule, the Legato Lounger is the closest thing to zero gravity on Earth. The curves of the lounger conform to the natural curves of the body and remove stress from all pressure points with 3 inches of memory foam. While you're floating, you can also listen to relaxing music through the SoSound® speaker system – your body literally "feels" the music. This system has been used successfully in therapeutic settings for 30 years. The camouflage comes in with the Legato's fluid, elegant lines – an artful experience all around.

Outdoor Breath Pedi-Lounge - Just BREATHE and it does the rest.

You Really DO Rock

If the great outdoors is in fact part of your massage or relaxation menu, the Outdoor Breath Pedi-Lounge is a stylish and unique non-motorized lounger that gently rocks you by responding to the rhythm of your own breath! Another zero-gravity design with the same gorgeous, graceful lines as the Legato, but you literally breath life into this one as it relaxes you more deeply than any ordinary lounger. The lounge locks into a stationary position if you're getting a pedicure by the pool, and unlocks if you want to rock yourself into profound relaxation before or after another treatment. The Breath Pedi-Lounge is available in both indoor and outdoor versions, for resting easy inside the spa or out by the pool.

Move Your Tools

Every moveable treatment area needs a handy and stylish way to transport the tools of the trade. The Teak Service Cart rolls out all the treatment products with durable, lockable casters and ergonomically-designed handles. Three shelves have lips around the edges to prevent spills while on the move, and three stainless steel cups transport oils and lotions neatly. This trolley is designed specifically for use poolside or near the ocean, made from solid teak wood, and is ideal for use on cruise ships.

Teak Service Cart - Elegance on the move.

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