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what is a vichy table shower? - 11 Important Things To Know

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what is a vichy table shower? - 11 Important Things To Know

An incredible type of spa treatment derived from a famous city in France is the Vichy shower treatment. When you’re feeling low and want to relax your nerves, taking this treatment is the right option for you. But it is also important to know what is a Vichy table shower. So you can take this treatment by knowing every single detail about this treatment. 

What Is A Vichy Table Shower?

Clients who want to take Vichy shower treatment often want to know what a Vichy table shower is. The Vichy shower treatment has been used for a very long time. The different new changes and upgrades in this treatment made it better and more intense for clients seeking comfort. One such advancement in this treatment is the use of a Vichy table shower. 

In which at least five to seven showerheads are used as a means of jets of water. On the back of the client. The massage therapist can change the temperature, pressure, and flow of Vichy showers on particular body parts. During the session, according to the preferences of the client. 

How A Vichy Table Shower Works?

The following is the procedure of how this treatment works. 

  • The use of hydrotherapy in this treatment is gaining popularity. Because people feel relaxed when the hot adjustable water is poured into their bodies. 
  • There are different names for the Vichy table shower, and it is a great source of relaxing the throbbing muscles. 
  • The showerheads are positioned horizontally above the back of the client. 
  • The client will be given special see-through undergarments. Or some spa and wellness centers offer the condition where the client has to remove all of his clothes. For the treatment. 
  • Then, the client will lie down on the table, and when he feels completely adjusted on the table. The water from the showerheads will start to flow on his body. 
  • The use of aromatherapy and hydrotherapy makes this treatment more exciting.
  • Firstly, the spa therapist will request you to take a bath in a separate room. Other than the room for Vichy's table shower treatment. To ensure the person has removed all the impurities from his body and can take Vichy shower treatment easily. 
  • Once the treatment is completed, your therapist will help you sit comfortably at the table. Then, you will be given some privacy to dry yourself completely. 
  • It is important to know that Vichy shower treatment is not recommended to those who feel shy. To expose their body parts in front of others.
  • How long does a Vichy shower last? The treatment of Vichy table shower starts, which can last for about half or a complete hour.  


To conclude, what is a Vichy table shower? It is that this treatment is gaining popularity due to different Vichy shower benefits. It is important to properly discuss the treatment with the spa therapist before getting this treatment. You must also negotiate with them properly about the services they offer. If you don’t want to take any sexual services, which is very common in this treatment. Because several reputable spa and wellness centers respect your privacy and provide you with customizable services. 

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