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Why Ashiatsu Massage is Better Than Deep Tissue?

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Why Ashiatsu is Better Than Deep Tissue?

In massage therapy, various techniques exist to meet different needs and preferences. A recent trend that has gained significant prominence is Ashiatsu massage; therapists use their feet instead of hands to deliver effective pressure from a deep and effective Ashiatsu approach, making this unique technique stand out among competitors such as deep tissue massage. Ashiatsu  massage offers several distinct advantages over deep tissue massage compared to its more conventional cousin - many find Ashiatsu superior as they seek relief and relaxation; we will explore why many consider Ashiatsu superior over deep tissue alternatives in this blog post!

Understanding Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massage techniques combine Japanese words for foot (ashi) and pressure (atsu), using feet to apply controlled pressure to clients' bodies. Therapists hold onto bars attached to the ceiling for balance and control, employing compressive and gliding movements to address tension or knots in clients' bodies.

Ashiatsu Therapy's Benefits

Deep Pressure With Less Discomfort

Ashiatsu massage offers one of the primary advantages: deep pressure delivery without discomfort or pain. Traditional deep tissue massage techniques rely on intense hand, elbow, or forearm pressure for this purpose; Ashiatsu instead uses its broad surface area therapist's feet as the medium to distribute pressure more evenly, thereby decreasing discomfort while targeting deeper muscle layers effectively.

Even Pressure Distribution

Ashiatsu massage differs from traditional forms in that each stroke from your therapist's feet provides even pressure distribution across your massage, providing a more balanced and efficient therapy treatment.

Broader Muscle Engagement

Ashiatsu massage engages more muscle fibers due to therapists using their feet as tools on an expansive area, making Ashiatsu massage especially suitable for athletes suffering from chronic pain conditions or seeking deep relaxation. This approach allows Ashiatsu therapists to target muscle imbalances and tensions for improved health benefits thoroughly - ideal for athletes and anyone wanting an invigorating massage therapy session.

Improved Circulation and Relaxation

Ashiatsu massage utilizes deep pressure, increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles for improved overall health and performance. Furthermore, Ashiatsu induces deep relaxation to provide effective stress relief.

FAQs about Ashiatsu Massage

Q1.  How long does Ashiatsu massage last, typically?

A1. Ashiatsu massage sessions typically last 60-90 minutes. Their duration can differ based on individual preferences, goals and areas requiring special attention in your body - your therapist can assist in selecting an optimum session length to meet these criteria.

Q2. What is the difference between Shiatsu and Ashiatsu massage? 

A2. Shiatsu and Ashiatsu massage techniques differ significantly. Shiatsu uses finger pressure applied directly to specific points on the body to stimulate energy flow; Ashiatsu, on the other hand, utilizes foot massage to deliver deep pressure for larger muscle groups. 

Q3. Is Ashiatsu Appropriate for Everyone?

A3. Ashiatsu massage should generally be safe for most individuals; however, those recovering from surgery or fracture or experiencing specific medical issues should first speak to their healthcare provider and get clearance before beginning any kind of massage therapy treatment - be it Ashiatsu, massage therapy or otherwise. Communication between you and your therapist regarding your health history concerns can also be essential in providing effective results.


Why Ashiatsu is better than deep tissue? - Ashiatsu massage stands apart from traditional deep tissue techniques with its combination of deep pressure, even distribution, and broad muscle engagement. Ashiatsu provides effective therapy without the discomfort often associated with deep tissue techniques, making it a top choice among those seeking comprehensive relief and relaxation. Always consult a trained therapist when selecting an Ashiatsu technique tailored to meet individual needs or health considerations.

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