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Salt Walls, Bricks & Tiles - San Francisco

TouchAmerica is proud to offer our customers in San Francisco and all of California quality custom Himalayan salt products. Himalayan salt walls, salt bricks, tiles, and frames provide a special touch for any massage therapy practice, wellness center, day spa, destination resort, holistic health care practice, fitness center, luxury hotel, stand-alone salt room business or home. In collaboration with Saltability, the halotherapy experts at TouchAmerica have the durable salt panels and installation experience to bring the perfect combination of size, texture, color, and design to your San Francisco salt room.

TouchAmerica Himalayan Salt Frames come in standard or custom sizes, are framed with cedar wood and are incorporated with LED rope light to create the ideal guest experience. When Himalayan salt is gently heated, moisture condensation that forms on the brick and tile evaporates and emits healing negative ions in the process. If you have a sauna on premises, the addition of nicely lit salt walls creates a relaxing environment, while the dry heat provides therapeutic benefits for respiration, skin, tension and overall immune systems.

When it’s time to add a salt wall, salt panel, tiles or frames to your San Francisco location, make your first call to the halotherapy specialists at TouchAmerica today at 1-800-678-6824, or email us at We can create the customized salt tile façade for your space and venue and can handle installation, or provide you with instructions on how to do so yourself.

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