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Back Massage With Feet

November 16, 2023

Back Massage With Feet

Everyone is busy completing their professional and personal tasks in this fast-paced world. Due to lengthy projects, a person has to sit in the same position for hours. Or even doing any work that requires standing for too long can lead to back pain. But back massage with feet can help you get rid of back pain and live a relaxing life. 

Back Massage With Feet In Just 4 Simple Steps

People suffering from back pain require an instant relaxing treatment to get rid of their stubborn pain. When the massage therapist gives a massage to the feet. He uses different angles of the feet to put pressure on the back. Giving a massage with the hands requires extra energy, and it is not easy to cover large areas of the body. 

But when the therapist provides massage with the feet. He can cover large areas of the body easily and puts balanced pressure on the back. The feet can provide intense pressure on different body parts and clients who are looking for deep massage therapies. To remove the tension, stress, and pain from their bodies, a foot massage is a suitable option.

How To Give Back Massage With Feet?

There are different techniques and approaches that your therapist can adopt to provide you feet massage on your back. 

Starting The Therapy

The first step involves warming up the back so it can become ready for the therapy. For that purpose, the therapist will slowly and gently rub your back by moving his feet in a continuous motion. This will help your body to be prepared for an intense pressure massage. 

Rubbing The Arches Of The Feet

Secondly, the therapist will use the arches of the feet to rub the back along with the spine area. This step will lay the foundation for a deep massage and increase the blood circulation level. And help your body get rid of the tension and knots built in the back. 

Finding Specific Points

The third step is the therapist will find some specific areas on your back. That can be used to put proper pressure on. With the help of his feet, you can endure it easily. The therapist will ask you if you’re feeling any pain or discomfort or if you can easily bear the pressure. This way, you can enjoy a relaxing back massage with the feet. 

Massage In A Circular Motion

The fourth step is that your therapist will provide you with a massage in a circular motion for deep comfort. And removal of the stress from the back. People suffering from lower back pain can use this massage to get rid of the back pain. Also, learn important details related to the foam padding.

Important Considerations

Before taking a foot massage for your back pain. Make sure your therapist or your partner has a good understanding and communication with you. If their rapport building is stable with you, you can enjoy relaxing massage therapy. Not only that, you must confirm whether the therapist you’re choosing for the massage is skilled and professional or not. The feet of the massage giver must be clean from any sort of dirt to ensure a proper hygienic environment. And the massage must be given at a massage table

Final Takeaway

To conclude, back massage with feet, this massage requires different massaging techniques from the feet. The safety of the client is essential. That’s why using safe pressure intensity and a professional therapist is suggested. You should also check out how Ashiatsu massage helps in removing stress and tension from your body.

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