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What Are Ashiatsu Bars?

October 06, 2023

What Are Ashiatsu Bars?

In the world of massage therapies, The Ashiatsu massage is becoming a very advanced and reliable massaging therapy. The massage is given with the help of the fingers and whole feet of the therapist. The client can increase or decrease the level of the pressure of the massage. The use of different equipment is also involved in Ashiatsu massage. That’s why, it is important to know about what are Ashiatsu bars. So that, when you take Ashiatsu massage, you have proper knowledge about every step of this massage. 

A Comprehensive Guide On: What Are Ashiatsu Bars?

During the Ashiatsu massage, the use of bars that are made up of metal or wood is common. These bars are known as Ashiatsu bars. They are horizontal or parallel bars. With the help of these bars, the therapist easily stabilizes himself on the body of the client. In this way, the client and the therapist are safe from getting any injuries. The Ashiatsu bars are placed on the massaging room’s roof. 

They are flexible and the therapist can easily change its position according to the different requirements of the client. Without these bars, the therapist cannot properly steady himself on the body of the client during the treatment. And cannot put the required pressure on his massage too. Due to this, the client can feel unsatisfied, and no change in his current condition. 

Procedure Of Ashiatsu Massage:

Different types of techniques are used in this therapy. The therapist can put pressure on your back first. And then move on to the neck, arms, legs, and other main parts of the body, etc. Mostly this therapy can end in an hour but if you want to change the duration level. You can ask the therapist and fix different important things with him regarding your therapy. But make sure that the therapist you are hiring has full knowledge about different techniques of the Ashiatsu massage. And knows about what are Ashiatsu bars.

10 Main Precautions And Benefits

Now that you have learned what are Ashiatsu bars. It’s important to know some important considerations before getting an Ashiatsu massage are given below:

  • Discuss your plan with your doctor in detail. And let him properly examine your physical condition for any diseases or issues. 
  • The hydration level of your body must be stable. That’s why, you should drink water in a good quantity before and after the completion of the therapy. 
  • Wearing clothes that can make you feel better is suggested. That’s why, light and loose clothes are suggested to wear while taking any type of massage. 
  • You can also tell your requirements regarding the massage to the therapist. In this way, he will put a particular level of pressure on your body. And on the areas where you want a reduction in pain and issues. In this way, you can feel stress-free and active. 
  • Different joints, muscles, and body pain are reduced with the help of Ashiatsu massage. 
  • When you are in a comfy position, you can sleep better. 
  • You can easily stretch up your muscles. 
  • If you’re a person suffering from headaches, then taking Ashiatsu massage is beneficial for you. 
  • Your body is free of all the dirty toxins. And you can eat healthy foods without worrying about your immunity issues. 
  • Your blood flow level also improves. Due to this, you feel healthy and can efficiently complete different types of tasks. 

What Equipments Are Must For Ashiatsu Massage?

The main equipment is Ashiatsu bars. But there are some other pieces of equipment you can use during therapy. It is important to take care of the comfort of your clients. So that they don’t feel any sort of discomfort during their therapy. That’s why having a good quality massaging table, a stool, a chair, clean towels, and blankets. Lubricating oils, massaging lotions, etc. are very important. 

These pieces of equipment are not very necessary for Ashiatsu massage. But for the ease of your client, you can keep these pieces of equipment. Some people cannot properly lie on their back or upward while massaging therapies. Offering a chair to them and giving them a professional and experienced massage can help them relax easily. 


What are Ashiatsu bars is the main question most people who want to take Ashiatsu massage want the answer. It is the main equipment of the Ashiatsu massage. And therapists use these bars to protect both themselves and their clients from any sort of injuries. To save from stumbling upon the clients, and providing a better and useful therapy, these bars are used. Having good Ashaitsu equipment is very important for an outstanding massage.

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