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HealthyLine TAO 7224 Firm Far Infrared Ray Amethyst Mats + Pillow

HealthyLine Mats

Watch your customers line-up to experience the best sessions of their life. Keep them coming back time and time again when you integrate HealthyLine's  mats into the typical treatments you perform. Your customers will fall in love with the deep penetrating heat that maximizes their comfort and relaxation. The added benefit of a pulsed electromagnetic field system will emit a magnetic frequency that facilitates the finest wellness-enhancing results possible. It takes no extra effort to add it to your services, and it’s guaranteed to improve the experience significantly. Give your customers more to look forward to and watch the difference you can make in their lives. Full dimensions for both TAO and TAJ mats: 72"x24"x1.2" Dimensions for pillow: 18"x10"x4"

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