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What Is A Pipeless Pedicure Chair?

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What Is A Pipeless Pedicure Chair?

Pedicure chairs are an essential component in spa and wellness centers. Because cleaning nails and making them more beautiful is possible with the help of pedicure chairs. Due to different advancements, new changes have been made in the field of spa and wellness industry, too. Due to this, changes in the working of pedicure chairs are also worth mentioning. 

One such change is the introduction of a pipeless pedicure chair. You should know about what is a pipeless pedicure chair so that you can get clean and perfect. And professional services related to pedicure services. 

What Is A Pipeless Pedicure Chair?:

It was difficult with previous traditional pedicure chairs to provide clean and healthy pedicure services to the clients. Due to different new changes, the introduction of pipeless pedicure chairs is a life-saver. Because, unlike standard pedicure chairs, the pipeless pedicure chairs are designed with special whirlpool jets of water. Due to this feature, you don’t have to waste time on keeping your pedicure chair clean all the time. And making your client feel annoyed. 

Keeping your pedicure chair clean and germs-free is essential for providing safe services to other clients. But it can take much of your time, and you cannot wholly focus on your clients. Alternatively, you can focus on your client’s service and provide them with the best professional experience of their lives.  

How Does A Pipeless Pedicure Chair Work?:

It is also important to know how a pipeless pedicure chair works. Health experts suggest that after every service you provide to your client, cleaning the pedicure chair is important. But in this way, you can provide only a few services to people. To properly look into this matter, a pipeless pedicure chair is an effective solution. These chairs don’t need pipes for the creation of whirlpools in the pedicure bowls where your clients keep their feet. For taking the pedicure services. 

Opposite to pipes for the creation of water jets. A special magnetic jet is used for the creation of water in the pedicure tub. These are small-sized pipeless fans with filigree grass wash basins that create the flow of water for the clients. 

  • When there are no pipes in the pedicure bowls for creating water. It is easy and less time-consuming to clean the pedicure chairs. 
  • You just have to remove some components of the pedicure chair to clean them and then can easily reattach them. But it won’t take any longer, and you can be free until your next client arrives. 
  • You can make your pedicure chair ready for providing services in a shorter time as compared with traditional pedicure chairs. 
  • Also, pipeless pedicure chairs offer different incredible features. And one of them is providing different massage therapy options. 
  • You don’t have to spend too much money on cleaning and sanitising your pedicure chair
  • Due to this feature, it is an efficient way to save money and handle multiple clients in a day. Without worrying about their safety. 


To extract, what is a pipeless pedicure chair? It is an amazing type of pedicure chair in which you don’t need to spend much effort. On cleaning and filling the pedicure bowl by yourself. You can provide client-centred services to your clients, making them satisfied with your services. Some spa owners also want to know how to clean pedicure spa chair.  

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