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How To Clean Pedicure Spa Chair?

October 19, 2023

How To Clean Pedicure Spa Chair?

Nails are an essential part of our bodies. Keeping them clean, free of debris, and making them attractive is what everyone loves to do. Pedicure spa chairs hold an important role in this field and can prove very helpful. For providing you with a comfortable and relaxing nail treatment. But it is essential to keep these pedicure spa chairs clean so there’s no risk of diseases in using them. Knowing how to clean pedicure spa chair can solve many of your problems. And you can provide your clients with a healthy environment. 

How To Clean Pedicure Spa Chair?:

For cleaning your pedicure spa chair, it is important to have some important helpful tools by your side. You must have a clean, spare cloth, soapy water or detergent. A soft-bristled brush, disposable gloves and towels, hot water, antibiotic cleaner, etc. The following are the main steps you must follow to clean your pedicure spa chair. 

  • Properly make sure your pedicure chair is unplugged from any electrical equipment to reduce the risks of any accidents.
  • Begin the cleaning procedure by removing the visible dirt and small materials. Like clipped nails from different areas of the pedicure chair. 
  • Then, make a soapy solution for cleaning the pedicure chair. Mix the detergent or mild soap with the hot water. It is important to use safe chemicals as dangerous chemicals can prove hazardous for the durability of your pedicure chair. 
  • Now, carefully soak the clean cloth or a sponge into this cleaning solution. And wipe all the areas of the pedicure chair slowly. Pay special attention to the areas where the stains are difficult to remove. 
  • If there are some stubborn stains and dirty parts. You can use a brush with soft bristles and carefully scrub the respective areas. 
  • But don’t use too much water as it is electrical equipment. And exposing it to excessive water can lead to malfunctioning. 
  • Now dip the cloth or sponge in clean water and carefully remove the soapy liquid from the pedicure chair. 
  • You can also use disposable clean towels to dry your pedicure chair. And ensure that there is no stain on your pedicure chair.
  • You should use an antibiotic cleaner on the areas where you or the clients touch the most. Make sure to use a good antibiotic cleaner and follow the instructions given on the cleaner.

How To Drain A Pedicure Chair? (8 Steps):

Spa owners also want to know how much weight can a pedicure chair hold. Now, it’s important to know the draining procedure of the pedicure spa chairs, too. 

  1. Again, your pedicure chair must be properly disconnected from any sort of electrical sources. With the help of an empty tub or bucket near your pedicure chair. You can remove the water from the pedicure chair. 
  2. Modern pedicure chairs offer a button through which you can activate the draining procedure. 
  3. You can use the automatic drainage system or do it by yourself.
  4. There’s a system under your wash basin for draining the water. With the help of a reliable tool, you can open it. It will spread some water as a result. 
  5. You must have spare clothes or towels to keep them from causing dirt. 
  6. Now let the water drain in the empty tub or bucket you placed near the pedicure chair
  7. And get rid of the contained water according to the rules of your local area.
  8. Now disinfect the wash basin and the drainage system and let them dry properly before giving services to your clients.  


The conclusion of how to clean pedicure spa chair is that these chairs are important for providing spa services. Giving pedicure services to different people can lead to countless dangerous diseases if you do not properly clean your equipment. That’s why learning the proper way of cleaning your pedicure chair is important. You should also know about pedi lounge in detail.

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