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How to massage lactic acid out of legs?

November 11, 2023

How to massage lactic acid out of legs

Due to the fast-moving world, everyone must work fast to meet new trends and complete their responsibilities. However, in this race to complete duties. People often forget their health and do not take a break even for a second. Heavy exercise or too much work from your legs can lead to lactic acid in your legs. You should know how to massage lactic acid out of legs. It will help ease the pain and soreness you’re experiencing due to excessive lactic acid in your legs. 

A Comprehensive Guide To Know: How To Massage Lactic Acid Out Of Legs?

Lactic acids build up in red blood cells and muscle cells. When carbohydrates break down to make glucose during intensive exercise, the body needs more energy than the body can handle.  When the lactic acid is available more than your body requires, it can lead to pain in your legs. When you lie on the massage table to get a massage. The therapist will apply different massaging techniques on your legs. To ensure that your legs can eliminate the pain you’re dealing with.

The Procedure Of Taking Out Lactic Acid Through Massage

The following are the therapist's primary procedures or techniques to remove lactic acid from the legs. 

Slow Stroking

The first step is to start the massage therapy by gently stroking your legs. And warming them up for deep massage therapy. This technique is also known as effleurage. In this step, you must use your hands and balance the pressure on both sides. Starting from your ankles towards your hips. Your blood circulation level improves through this step, and the tension in your muscles also decreases. 

Rubbing The Legs

The second step is rubbing or kneading the specific areas of your body. Where you feel that lactic acid is building up in excess. You must put firm pressure on your fingers and thumbs, massaging in a circular motion. Try to rub on those areas where the lactic acid gathers up essentially. Also, know about the foam pad.


The third step is squeezing the legs from the start and going upwards. This will also increase the blood flow and reduce muscle tension. This technique is also known as compression massage. For the client's comfort, having a cosy face pillow is essential during massage therapy. 

Deep Massage

The fourth step is giving a deep or friction massage to the legs. In a backwards and forward motion with the help of your thumbs. This will help reduce the knots built in your muscles due to lactic acid.

Stretching The Legs

The fifth step is slowly stretching and pulling your legs to ensure they can move freely. Also, find the main pressure points of your muscles. And then, massage those areas carefully and steadily to remove the lactic acid from the legs. 

Final Thoughts

To summarise, how to massage lactic acid out of legs? You should use various massage techniques used by professional therapists on their clients. Use special massage oils, deep breathing to remain calm, and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Doing this massage routinely and adequately focusing on your body to see how it reacts to the massage is essential. You should also know whether are massage beds worth it.

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