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What Do You Call A Spa Table?

October 14, 2023

What Do You Call A Spa Table?

Therapists give treatments to their clients on spa tables when going to a spa centre or any wellness industry. But are spa tables just limited to giving therapies and treatments? Or what do you call a spa table? Where else can you use spa tables and prove their helpfulness? If these questions invade your mind, let’s discover the truth behind spa tables. 

An Outstanding Guide To Discover: What Do You Call A Spa Table?

 Often, people feel confused about “What do you call a spa table?”. The right answer is the piece of table or comfortable furniture therapists offer their clients. To lie on during different spa and wellness therapies. The main purpose of a spa table is to ensure that clients feel relaxed when they lie on it. 

Not just that, the clients should also not feel any pain in their body parts. Due to lying in the same position. That’s why spa tables allow clients to change different relaxing positions during treatment. Without feeling suffocated or stiffness in the muscles and joints. The upholstery used on the tables is very fine, so the bodies of different clients with different weights can easily adjust on the tables.  

4 Solid Features Of Spa Tables:

You should know the main features of spa tables if you’re confused about “What do you call a spa table?”. 

Cushioned Surface:

The first important feature of spa tables is that they are properly filled with comfortable upholstery materials. Proper padding is done to ensure the clients do not feel slight discomfort. The size and level of upholstery in spa tables differentiate from each other. But it is important when buying a spa table for your clients as a therapist to remember your client's requirements. And what type of body weights they have. In this way, choosing the right spa tables becomes easy for you. And you can deliver a quality product with a quality treatment to your clients. 

Flexible Heights:

The second important feature of a spa table is its flexible height. You can change the height of the spa tables according to your comfort level. And according to the preferences of your clients levels. This feature benefits both the therapist and the client. Because giving therapy to someone is a lengthy procedure requiring the utmost skills and effort. 

Remaining in a single position can be very difficult. The therapist can change the height of the table to his level and provide quality treatments to his clients easily. The clients can feel comfortable in this way, too, lying in a relaxing position.  

Ergonomic Positions:

The third feature involves the additional features for maximum relaxation for the clients. You can attach face cradles and armrests to the spa tables to keep your face comfortable. And if you want to change the positions of your arms, you can keep them on the armrests. This way, you can feel comfort as a client taking a lavishing therapy. 

Solidly Built Tables:

The fourth feature is the solidly built frames of spa tables. The materials used in the spa tables are of high quality. But if you want to move to another place to provide your services. You can easily transport them because they are lighter. You can use such high-quality spa tables for a very lengthy period without worrying about their maintenance. 

Can You Use A Spa Table As A Bed?:

Spa tables are used for different therapies, spa treatments, physical and holistic therapies, chiropractic care, etc. There is a resemblance between spa tables and beds because of their comfort. But overall, there are some main differences to consider. 

Unique Designs:

The first thing to consider is that spa tables are designed to comfort clients in a particular position during therapy. The therapist can flexibly change different things according to his client’s comfort. But in traditional beds, you cannot adjust different things like that. And can feel comfortable. In beds for long hours. 

Shorter Length:

The second thing to consider is the length of the spa tables. Spa tables are shorter in length as compared with normal-sized beds. For people who are lengthy in height they cannot sleep peacefully for long hours on shorter-sized spa tables. On the other hand, beds are lengthy and bulky in size. And you can easily sleep on beds for lengthy periods. 


The third thing to consider is the movability of spa tables and beds. Spa tables are easily movable from one place to another, while beds are not moveable regularly because they are weightier. There are extra things on beds, like sheets, covers, and pillows, but spa tables are simple without any coverings.


To wrap up, what do you call a spa table? They are comfortable tables for different therapies. But they cannot be used as beds even though they provide extra comfort to clients. Spa tables as beds can cause different types of problems in people. Because they are suitable for therapies, not for normal long hours of sleeping.  

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