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Stationary Treatment Tables Collection - San Francisco, CA

Do you own a Spa or Massage Therapy Practice in the San Francisco Bay area? Based out of Mebane, NC, TouchAmerica has been manufacturing spa and wellness tables since our inception in 1983. With a keen eye for innovation, we create spa equipment in step with modern demands and ever-changing customer needs. Review our diverse selection of tables below to find the product best suited for your workplace, or consider our custom furniture solutions for something more unique.


We have a full lineup of fully-motorized PowerTilt tables    designed for various modalities. Our passion for innovation has led us to create unique and brilliantly-engineered tables that support the needs of both the therapist and client. Please don't hesitate to contact us for recommendations on what tables might best suit your particular application. We have experience in providing our customers in San Francisco and throughout California with the best products and service.


    Our MultiPro and Face & Body tops are a functional yet cost-effective way to allow for the adjustments needed to provide client comfort and treatment options. Most of the tables in this category come with a motorized base, but have different top options, allowing you to customize the table top to your needs.


      Our Body Tops, Pregnancy Option, and custom sizes are available upon request at an extended lead time.


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        We're making space in our warehouse for exciting new products, which is good news for you. Call us, and we'll help you find the best deal for your equipment needs.

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