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480 Watt RGBW Sound Journey Lighting System


This 480 Watt Lighting System was developed in collaboration with a laboratory lighting specialist.  The audiovisual system was designed to provide a fully customizable immersive and captivating experience. This innovative system seamlessly integrates sound, And RGBW lighting to curate audiovisual sequences.

At the heart of the 480 Watt Lightbox is its compatibility with Colordyne software, which allows for the precise sequencing of sound and RGBW lighting. The system uses a 5-pin connector to ensure a secure and efficient connection between the components, ensuring a synchronized performance.

With a power input of 110 volts, this lightbox is capable of delivering a stunning 480 Watts of RGBW lighting. The combination of red, green, blue, and white color channels ensures a vibrant and versatile color palette, allowing for a wide range of lighting effects and moods to be created.

For ease of control and integration, the Soundjourney 480 Watt Lightbox features a USB-A connection to connect to a computer. This connection enables users to easily program and customize their audio and lighting sequences, adding an engaging and memorable enhancement. 

To create a unique atmosphere in a commercial space, or add an immersive element to a treatment room, the Soundjourney 480 Watt Lightbox is the ideal choice. Its powerful capabilities and compatibility with Colordyne software make it a captivating addition.

(Lights not included. This is a power supply and DMX 512 interface with all the required cords to run 480watts via 5pin, 24volt RGBWs) 

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