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Breath Pedi-Lounge Packages

Package #1

SAVE 15% OFF on two packages for our best-selling
Breath Pedi-Lounge! 

Both packages include:

The Breath Pedi-Lounge is a multipurpose relaxation lounge that offers zero-gravity comfort. Locks into position for a soothing soak and complete pedicure, and transforms into a rocking lounge while polish dries. Beyond pedicure, this innovative design is at home in any relaxation area. Ergonomically shaped to ease the body into a blissful reclining position. Optional solid knee wedge available for relaxation in the spa or at home.


  • Lounge Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Capacity: Static weight capacity 450 lbs. Suitable for persons up to 6' 4" in height
  • Top size: 28" x 69"
  • Foam 1-1/2" foam beneath PVC cover
  • Pedicure bowl access Easy pedicure-bowl access by removing either (or both) foot pads.

This gorgeous solid hammered copper SARITA pedicure basin will add an exotic sparkle to any pedicure set-up. Made of 100% solid copper and decorated with a beaded edge to echo the inner hammered pattern. The basin measures 16" wide and is 7" deep. 


Save your back! Use this handy dolly for easily rolling your pedicure bowl from place to place. Black-painted wood. 16" diameter dolly, designed to hold round pedicure bowl w/ 14"-15" base and 20" top diameter. Sits 3" from the floor.

In addition to the items above, PACKAGE #1 includes:

Our therapist's stool features 15" wide, cushy seat with super-durable cover, star-shaped, chrome metal base and neoprene wheels.  You won't find a better quality or more durable stool. Low-height stool (14.5"-17.5") has a black cylinder with chrome base. Seat available in black only.

PACKAGE #1  was $2579.00    NOW $2192.15    SAVE 15%


PACKAGE #2 includes Breath Pedi-Lounge, Copper bowl and dolly, plus:

The PediStool is a rolling stool with a handy drawer for storage and an upholstered seat. Dark-woodgrain laminate, Black PVC seat cushion and White Melamine drawer interior. 

The Breath Mani-Table is a mobile table that adds manicures to the services available from the Breath Pedi-Lounge. It is also useful as a place for drinks, personal items or products. 

PACKAGE #2 was $3209   NOW $2727.65  SAVE 15%

Colors for Breath Lounge and Pro Stool are White, Almond, Camel, and Pebble, but please call to ensure availability.  

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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