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Touch America Face Cradle Rig / Platform Only


Select Original or New Contour Platform

In 2004 TouchAmerica acquired Golden Ratio Woodworks and changed from a 5/16" metal rod on the rig platform to a 3/4" rod. In order to provide replacement rigs for older tables TA offers both options. Please confirm the size and spacing of the accessory holes on your table before ordering. Both the Original Deluxe FaceSpace and our newer Contour FaceSpace have adjustable height and tilt which locks into position with a single lever. Available w/ or w/out Pillow. If you require a pillow please go back to the table accessories collection and select the correct platform with a pillow.

The face cradles platforms below have a black heavy-duty plastic frame with either 5/16" metal rods with 7 and 1/4" spacing (on center) or 3/4" plastic rods with 9 and 1/2" spacing (on center).

If you are not sure how to measure the accessory holes on your table please call us.

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