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Reflexology Bowl


Loosen tense muscles and soothe aches and pains.

Enjoy the warm, relaxing glow and aesthetic beauty of a unique, functional work of art with the benefit of pure Himalayan salt. Warmed Himalayan salt spheres can be held in hands for grounding or arthritic/pain sensation or rolled with feet for a reflexology treatment.

Use near electronic devices to obtain a greater sense of well-being and counteract exposure to bad electricity (EMF) we face in today’s world. When heated, Himalayan salt emits abundant negative ions, delivering a myriad of health benefits – from higher mental alertness to protection against germs in the air.

Directions: Hold warmed stones in hands for a grounding sensation or for relief from soreness and stiffness, or roll warmed stones on feet for a reflexology treatment.

Cleaning: Spray with Benefect Decon 30 and wipe dry. No water should be used on the Himalayan salt stones or bowl.

Bowl includes 6 ft. power cord and 15-watt light bulb. (If more warmth is desired, a 25-watt bulb may be used.) Caution: Make sure bowl and stones are completely cooled before moving or replacing bulb.


Category: halotherapy

Type: Unknown Type

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