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How Big Is A Massage Table?

November 10, 2023

How Big Is A Massage Table

An essential piece of equipment in massage therapy is a massage table. The therapist cannot provide comfortable therapy to his clients if he doesn’t have the right massage table. With the right massage table, the client can lie comfortably on the table. And the therapist also provides therapy without feeling any pain by bending down in a particular position. How big is a massage table is often asked by therapists when starting their spa or providing therapies. 

How Big Is A Massage Table?

The therapist chooses a particular size of the massage table. According to the type of services he will provide to the clients. But there is a primary size of the massage table, too. If the therapist doesn’t opt for a customized massage table, then the basic-sized massage table is elected. The following are the measurements of a standard massage table. 

Spread Of The Table

The first thing to consider is that the basic spread or width of the massage table is between 28-30 inches. Due to the space provided by the width of the table. The therapist can easily reach out to different body parts of the client. And can give therapy in a relaxing way.

Length Of The Table

The second thing is knowing the length of the table. The basic length of the massage table is 72-73 inches. Due to the proper size of the massage table. Clients of different heights don’t have to feel frustrated to be adjusted appropriately on the table. Without their body parts hanging from the table. 

Height Of The Table

The third thing is knowing the height of the table. The height of the table is between 24-34 inches. The height of the massage tables is usually adjustable. And the therapist adjusts it to different height levels to easily access the client’s body. 

4 Factors To Consider While Selecting The Massage Table

The following are the main factors you should consider. While selecting the massage table for giving massage therapies to your clients.

Types Of Massage Therapies

First, consider what type of massage therapies you will provide your clients. This will help you select the right massage table, even if you need a big or small massage table. 

Client’s Body And Height Matters

The second factor is considering your clients' heights and body types before selecting a massage table. You can choose the standard massage table if they are of a typical height and weight. Otherwise, you may need to choose a broader one. Also, check out What is the best position for massage on a bed.


The third factor is whether you need to move the massage table frequently just to change the spa's settings. Or if you want to provide someone with exceptional services and need a portable massage table. These things help you choose the best option for yourself available. People also want to know about the Portable Massage Chair.


Last, the fourth factor is considering your expense limits. And choosing a massage table that will not require you to break the bank. 

Final Words

To summarise, how big is a massage table? You may need to consider different factors and keep in view the standard measurements of the massage table, too. Choosing the right massage table ensures the client’s safety and comfort. It also helps the therapists to provide fabulous therapies without feeling pain in any part of the body. An incredible massage to make your extreme body pains go away is the Ashiatsu Massage.

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