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What Is A Deep Tissue Massage With Feet

October 14, 2023

What Is A Deep Tissue Massage With Feet

Due to different new advancements, new ways have been introduced for treating different issues. Experts use different types of therapeutic massaging techniques to provide relaxation to people. So, if you’re wondering, what is a deep tissue massage with feet? Then, it is an incredible type of therapy that your therapist will do with the help of his feet. 

Unveiling What Is A Deep Tissue Massage With Feet?:

This massaging therapy requires the utmost professional skills and knowledge of different skills. This therapy is also known as deep feet bar massage or Ashiatsu massage. Because the therapist uses different bars to balance himself while he provides therapy to his clients. The bars are attached to the roof or ceiling of the room. The reason behind using bars in this therapy is to ensure. That applying pressure on specific parts of the client’s body is easy. Because it requires years of experience to master the art of Ashiatsu massage. 

5 Important Things About Deep Tissue Massage With Feet:

You should know the below-mentioned important 5 things about deep tissue massage with feet. 

Powerful Techniques:

The first thing in what is a deep tissue massage with feet is the use of different powerful techniques. Because in this therapy, the use of feet is very important. If you try to do this massage with other body parts, this is not deep tissue massage with foot therapy. The therapist uses his feet to pressure the client's body and uses different techniques to comfort him. 

Specific Body Weight:

The second thing is the therapist puts a specific weight of his body to the client’s body. So the client can feel relaxed and at ease. He can confirm from the client if he wants to increase or decrease the pressure on the client’s body. Then, after proper confirmation, the therapist uses the bars to adjust himself properly on the client's body. 

Particular Areas:

The third thing is that the client can tell the therapist that he feels pain in certain areas. The therapist can use deep tissue massage techniques with feet and focus solely on areas where the client feels pain. The therapist can help the client feel stable and healthy without pain by putting pressure on such muscles and joints. 

Not Just For Specific Parts:

The fourth thing is that Ashiatsu massage is not only for some specific body parts. But you can also get full-body therapy from the therapist to treat different types of muscle and joint issues. Due to this reason, many people suffering from muscle and joint issues love to get deep tissue massages with feet. 

Killer Advantages:

The fifth thing is that deep tissue massage with feet has different advantages. Your immunity system improves. Your blood flow level becomes better. You can feel relaxed and stress-free. Your mood becomes lighter and happier. You can feel a reduction in your muscle and joint pains. Due to these incredible advantages, Ashiatsu massage is becoming very popular, and people want to try it very often. 

Is Deep Feet Bar Massage Painful?:

After covering, what is a deep tissue massage with feet? Understanding different factors that can make your massaging experience painful or pain-free is important.

Intensity Of Pressure:

The first factor is that the therapist asks the clients about their preferences regarding the intensity of the pressure. If the client wants normal or intense pressure, he can tell his requirements to the therapist. It is important to have good client-therapist bonding during the therapy to ensure success. 

Client’s Bearing Ability:

The second factor is that it also matters how much the client can easily bear. The therapist needs to ask his client if he is comfortable with a particular weight or feeling any discomfort. In this way, the client will be saved from feeling any pain during the therapy. 


The third factor is the expertise of the therapist. If the therapist is new in this field. He can make some mistakes and can provide painful therapies to his clients. But if the therapist is experienced, he will know different tough techniques to provide Ashiatsu massage to the clients. 

A Proper Start:

The fourth factor is that it is very important to start the therapy properly. For that purpose, the therapist should provide guidelines to the client about relaxing his nerves and doing a simple warm-up. This way, the client can feel at ease when the pressure is transferred to his body. 

Guidance At The End:

The fifth factor is that the therapist should provide proper instructions to his client at the end of the therapy. Most of the client's discomfort can easily be reduced if the therapist provides proper guidance. 


The summary of what is a deep tissue massage with feet is that it is a very powerful therapy. People can use it for different body pains and muscle and joint issues. But putting balanced pressure on the client’s body is also important. Ashiatsu bars are also used in this therapy to save the client from pain and discomfort. Choosing the right Ashiatsu equipment is also very important for a good therapy. 

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