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Why Use Electric Spa Table?

October 14, 2023

Why Use Electric Spa Table?

Spa tables have been used in different spas and wellness industries during therapies and treatments. It is difficult for therapists to provide comfortable therapy or treatment to their clients without spa tables. Considering the demand for spa tables, different spa tables are introduced. One such type is electric spa table. And it is very important to know why electronic spa tables are used instead of manual spa tables.   

6 Insane Reasons To Know Why Use Electric Spa Table?

If you’re a therapist looking for a good spa table to provide treatment to his clients. Or you’re a client looking for a perfect spa table on which you can take therapies and treatments. Then you need to know why use electric spa table and the demanding reasons behind it. 


The first reason of why use electric spa table is their flexibility. The therapist can flexibly change the positions of the spa tables without disturbing his therapy. He can easily adjust the spa table's height at an upper or lower position. If you’re providing therapy to a person with different colleagues who have different heights than yours. 

Then, you can change the height of the table without breaking their focus and play your part as a therapist. Also, therapists don’t have to work in tiring positions for very long. And can change the position of the table to their desirable and comfortable position. 

Ease Of Client Is Top Priority:

The second reason is that clients can also easily change their positions from high to low or low to high. They can get off and on the spa tables easily. If they have any disability or problem in moving, they can easily get off the table without hurting themselves. They can remain in their favourite comfy positions without feeling stressed or pain in their body parts. 

Quick Therapies:

The third reason is that setting up the electric spa table is easy. And the therapist can do it without making the client feel bored. The therapy can be completed quickly and effectively when both parties contribute equally and agree. The therapist can communicate with the client and make a healthy professional relationship with the client in this way. 

Different Designs:

The fourth reason is that electric spa tables come in different designs and shapes with unique features. Some therapies and treatments require additional focus. And positions on which the therapist can give ultra massage or treatment to the client. With electric spa tables, you can easily change and keep a specific table position according to the therapy's requirements. 


The fifth feature is that the electric spa tables also have longevity features. They are built with durable, high-quality materials that last longer than manual spa tables. Choosing electric spa tables for your spa and wellness industry can prove the best investment to provide better results. 

User-Friendly System:

The sixth reason of why use electric spa table is that they are user-friendly systems. The client and therapist can feel relaxed and have no pain while remaining in therapy for long hours. Making electric spa tables an incredible option for different therapeutic massages and treatments. 

The Major Difference Between Electric Spa Table And Manual Spa Table:

Following are some important differences between electric and manual spa tables. 

  • Changing the positions of the electric spa tables is done in no time without any effort from the therapist. However, to change the position of manual spa tables. The therapist has to do it alone, which can take longer, making the therapy lengthy and overwhelming for the client. 
  • Electric spa tables are beneficial for clients, too. They can get on and off spa tables without any extra effort. And it is the best option for people with limited mobility issues. However, in manual spa tables, clients must make extra effort to get on and off the tables. And they cannot change the height or position of the table by themselves. 
  • Therapies with electrical spa tables are done quicker than manual spa tables. Because setting the table in manual spa tables requires extra energy and effort.
  • There are incredible new features in electric spa tables where therapists and clients feel at ease. However, in manual spa tables, they cannot enjoy this freedom. And can change the position of the table at a limited height.
  • Electric spa tables are a good investment that can be used durably, but manual spa tables cannot last long. 


To summarise, “Why use electric spa table?” you should know that electric spa tables are better than manual spa tables. You can use them more efficiently than manual tables and provide better therapies and treatments to your clients. Knowing the differences between manual and electric spa tables can prove helpful for you. And you can easily decide which type of spa tables are better for your spa or wellness industry.

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