Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu literally translates from Japanese to "foot pressure", and is a massage technique whereby the therapist uses their feet to apply deep pressure without the possible discomfort of sharper elbows and thumbs. It allows deep tissue manipulation and relief with a broader, more consistent and more comfortable pressure. The therapist uses gravity and their body weight to target problem areas with deep yet more gentle, comfortable application. The result is a deeper but more comfortable massage for both client and technician. Benefits include:

• Deep tissue massage without discomfort

• Frees up tight, bundled nerves

• Elongates muscles and releases toxins by flushing the lymphatic system

• Improves posture and range of motion

Our growing collection of Ashiatsu equipment starts with the Deep Feet® Ashiatsu bars, which provide stable support for the therapist while performing this massage modality.