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Sauna by Touch America


Touch America proudly presents our Sauna offering.  We’ve curated a selection of Sauna elements designed to elevate and simplify the construction of a modern sauna under 1200 cubic feet.  Our custom saunas are categorized into five key components:

  1. Sauna Heaters: Stoves sourced from two forefront manufacturers, HUUM and Saunum, were carefully selected by our design team for their innovative features. Explore these cutting-edge options to find the perfect heater for your sauna project.
  2. Surfaces (Wall, Ceiling, Floor): Priced per square foot, our range includes various materials to create a sauna environment that suits your preferences.
  3. Benches, Seating: Priced per linear foot, choose the right seating option to enhance comfort and aesthetics.
  4. Entry Door: Utilize our door options or source one independently to match your requirements.
  5. Sound and Lighting: Elevate your sauna experience with acoustic resonance and mood lighting. Explore our tier 1 and tier 2 audio packages, available per seat or 30" lateral sauna section.

When designing your sauna with Touch America, it’s best to start with a footprint layout of the room with measurements. If you have particular notes or preferences in mind, kindly annotate them directly on the floor plan. If you don’t have a drawing of your footprint, we’ll need the dimensions of each wall. Next, we’ll, determine the footprint and cubic feet of your space. Select an appropriately sized heater, keeping-in-mind space requirements and desired accessories. Choose seating that complements your design and consider not exceeding a sauna height of 7 feet for optimal heat distribution. Saunum stoves, known for circulating air efficiently, help ensure heat is distributed evenly throughout the sauna. If you are looking to create steam from your sauna stove, you’ll want to go with a HUUM product.

Complete your sauna design by exploring our door options, sound systems, and lighting elements. Touch America encourages you to reach out for guidance and support. Share your floor plan with us at, and let us schedule a convenient time for a detailed project review over a screen share. Let us transform your sauna vision into a reality.