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About us

For more than 30 years, TouchAmerica has been developing and manufacturing innovative spa and salon equipment solutions at our North Carolina headquarters.
Our humble start came when Robin Zill, a new massage therapist, needed a portable massage table and Stewart Griffith built her one. This led to the two of them not just creating a family together, but also a family company that manufactures a complete line of quality wellness equipment and furniture.
The formula for success in our growth has been the emphasis on conveying a quality product to our customers and a quality enviroment appreciated by our long-standing employees.
Today, we develop a full range of spa and salon equipment, custom furniture, cabinetry and merchandising solutions, as well as full range of salt room and halotherapy products. TouchAmerica still manufactures products in North Carolina, where it all started. Our wholly-owned subsidiary Touch International also custom designs and manufactures for some of the biggest names in the spa, hotel and beauty industry.

TouchAmerica operates under a simple mantra: “Quality and elegance are never an accident. They are the result of sincere effort, intelligent direction and purposeful execution.” We believe that our high-quality products reflect our professional beliefs, and also help add a touch of class and elegance to our customers’ workplaces. When a potential client enters a spa or salon, their expectation is to be impressed by the atmosphere. Not only do clients anticipate a relaxing escape from their daily routine, they also hope to be pampered by luxury and comforted by soothing surroundings. TouchAmerica manufactures equipment that turns these expectations into a reality. By creating products crafted with the best materials, combined with innovative designs, we are able to develop spaces that provide a heightened, touch-inspired experience.

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