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TouchAmerica: The Name You Can Trust in Spa & Salon Equipment Manufacturing
For more than 30 years, TouchAmerica has worked together with our customers in the constantly-evolving spa industry. We understand that spas and salons work with an abundance of tactile and sensory experiences, so we manufacture aesthetically-pleasing tables, chairs and other accessories to make your customer's experience an unforgettable one. TouchAmerica would like to extend a promise to all of our valued customers: “Our Promise is to provide you with the equipment, service and support you need to optimize your workspace and professional expertise. TouchAmerica is committed to helping you every step of the way.”
What You Can Expect Working With TouchAmerica
TouchAmerica believes in a future where good health and vitality are common in all aspects of our lives. Working together, we can create sustainable wellness environments that both satisfy the local needs of our clients, and respect the needs of the global community. We strive to increase the vitality and health of our clients.
Some of the many reasons to work with TouchAmerica include: 
Experience - Since 1983, TouchAmerica has worked with an extensive and experienced distributor network to create a team with the experience to help you with facility planning and design.
Innovation - Our extensive track record and commitment to industry innovation comes from listening, observing, and working directly with therapists, managers, owners and other clients we serve.
Service - TouchAmerica’s talented and knowledgeable international team supports our continued effort to create and refine new building and business technologies. TouchAmerica’s success comes from our clients’ satisfaction – we are focused on your needs.
Simplicity in Purchasing - At TouchAmerica, our specialty is matching your needs with our equipment. You have a lot of high-quality products to choose from, and we aim to keep your purchasing process simple. If you do not see what you need, our custom furniture solutions can help bring your vision to life.

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