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Archi-Pedigo - SPECIAL ORDER


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The Archipedigo is a stylish, comfortable, and motorized Pedi-Lounge 
that is supremely versatile. Fingertip controls recline the top into a
relaxing resting position. The motorized base adjusts with the same
push-button ease, gliding forward to allow smooth entry, and once
the client is seated, gliding back to allow access to the Foot Bath. The
Manicure Shelf quickly attaches to allow manicures while seated, not
disturbing customers to relocate. The Adjustable Foot Rest allows
a soothing pedicure for the customer and ergonomic comfort for
the therapist. This versatile and ultimately comfortable lounge is
constructed with materials and finishes selected for sustainability and
long-term use.

(3-4 Month Lead Time)

Call for lead time: 800-678-6824


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